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Installation Tips


Tip1: Preparation
Before attaching the snowplow blade, clean and remove
any debris or corrosion from the moldboard that might
interfere with a tight assembly.

Tip 2: Repair
The moldboard acts as the support for the cutting edge.
If the moldboard has been shortened from wear and tear,
the backward blade torque will be increased, resulting in
bolt and blade damage and/or breakage.

Tip 3: Bolts
Use Grade 8 Plow Bolts- Our Grade 8 heavy-duty
domed head design made of alloy steel is proven to
have an excellent strength to toughness ratio. With the
square neck and counter sunk head design, our bolts
will hold your blade firmly in place and distribute the load
over a larger area.

To reduce bolt failure and blade chatter, use Number 3
head plow bolts with self-locking nuts.
Tip 4: Nuts
Use Grade 8 Nuts- Our Grade 8 Nuts are hardened to prevent
flattening in use. Lock Nuts lock to the bolt (preferred).

*If using standard Grade 8 nuts, double up! 

Tip 5: No Lock Washers
Lock washers are harder than the moldboard. If used, they
will gouge the backside of the snowplow moldboard. These
washers act as a cutting tool causing unwanted metal shards
on the moldboard, and no matter how hard you tighten the
nut, the metal shards will flatten. This causes the nut to loosen
and will eventually shave/cut off the bolt. The hardened lock
nut will prevent this from happening.

Tip 6: Proper Torque Requirements
Over-torque- causes heads to pop off. Under-torque shears
the bolts due to moving blades during use.

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